In today’s digital age, the fusion of e-commerce and AI-driven content generation is inevitable. This blog post will walk you through the development process of a unique WordPress plugin that integrates WooCommerce with ChatGPT, an AI language model. By the end, you’ll understand the functions of this plugin and the steps involved in its creation.


The WooCommerce ChatGPT Integration plugin was designed to streamline the content creation process for e-commerce businesses. It allows store owners to generate project overviews using the ChatGPT AI model, facilitates client-admin interaction, and provides PDF proofs for customer critique.

Key Features of the Plugin

  1. Admin Configuration Pages: The plugin offers two distinct configuration pages in the WordPress dashboard. One for general settings like defining the ChatGPT API key, and another for customizing the customer’s critique page.
  2. Dynamic Customer Interaction: After placing an order, customers receive an email with a link. This link directs them to a page where they can critique a generated project overview. They can provide feedback, approve the content, or suggest improvements.
  3. PDF Proofs: Along with the project overview, customers receive a PDF proof of the content, ensuring a professional presentation.

Development Process

  1. Setting Up the Admin Menu: We began by creating a dedicated menu item in the WordPress dashboard. This ensures easy access to the plugin’s settings.
  2. Configuration Pages: Two configuration pages were developed. The main settings page allows the admin to define the ChatGPT API key, set the question for clients, and select the project category. The second page, ‘Edit Customer Page’, provides a WYSIWYG editor for customizing the customer’s critique page.
  3. Shortcodes for Frontend Interaction: A shortcode was developed to display the critique form with an embedded PDF on any page or post. This form collects feedback from customers.
  4. Integration with ChatGPT: The plugin connects to the ChatGPT API to generate project overviews based on the customer’s order details.
  5. Custom Links for Orders: Each order generates a unique link, ensuring personalized content for every customer.


Developing a custom WordPress plugin requires a clear understanding of the problem you’re trying to solve, a well-defined set of features, and a systematic approach to coding. The WooCommerce ChatGPT Integration plugin is a testament to the power of combining e-commerce with AI-driven content generation. It not only automates a significant part of the content creation process but also ensures customer involvement, leading to better, more tailored content.